Who is Jeremy J. Olson?

Jeremy J. Olson is an IT professional and liberty activist from Grafton, New Hampshire.

Jeremy is an information technology professional, specializing in IT security and privacy, and has worked in the industry since 2000. He is currently a senior software developer at a mid-size software business in southern New Hampshire. In 2007, he founded EPRCI, a small web-hosting, IT consulting, and web-development business, with many other liberty activists and organizations as its customers. EPRCI is not currently accepting new customers, but is still online, and Jeremy continues to run the company in his free time.

Jeremy is a libertarian, an eleutherian, a voluntaryist, and an anarcho-capitalist: A liberal in the classical, and proper, meaning of the word. He is a secular humanist, and believes that human behavior and morality ought to be guided by the Non-Aggression Principle. His personal motto is “Quod vis fac.”

Jeremy moved to New Hampshire in 2007 as part of the Free State Project. He has most recently been a liberty activist in Grafton, New Hampshire, centering around town politics, and formerly engaged in legislative activism in Concord, the state capital, working with the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance.

Volunteerism & service

Jeremy has been a member of the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance since 2007, and served on the Board of Directors as Director of Research from 2008–2010 and 2012–2014. He has also served as IT Committee Chairman and regional coördinator for the Upper Valley.

Jeremy has been the Secretary and a member of the Board of Directors of Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform – New Hampshire, since 2011. Jeremy was one of the founding members of CCJR-NH.

Jeremy has been a member of the Canaan Lions Club since 2011, and served as President in 2014–2015. He previously served as Tailtwister, Second Vice President, and Vice President.

Jeremy founded the Mascoma Valley Taxpayers Union in 2012, and has served as its Chairman and Treasurer since its founding.

Jeremy has been the Secretary and a member of the Board of Directors of Peaceful Assembly Church since 2013.

For the Town of Grafton, Jeremy was elected to the Trustee of the Trust Funds from 2012–2015. He also was appointed as a Planning Board Alternate from 2011–2015, and served as minute-taker in 2014–2015.


The color scheme and general layout of JeremyJOlson.com are loosely based on the New Hampshire Advantage PAC website. The site is typeset in Poppins, a font by Jonny Pinhorn.

The site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License and is hosted by EPRCI: “IT services for liberty activists, by liberty activists.” SSL certificates are provided by Let’s Encrypt.

JeremyJOlson.com was initially launched on 2010-06-01. From 2012-06-10 until 2021-09-20, this site was a Drupal site. Jeremy is converting all of his Drupal sites to either static HTML, typically processed using XSLT on the back-end, or another platform, due to this controversy. On the former site, the primary font was popular web font Georgia. The shade of purple used throughout the site was rebeccapurple, #663399. This was also, coincidentally, nearly identical to the purple used by Peaceful Assembly Church.