Contacting Jeremy

Email: Jeremy@Jeremy J
Phone/Signal: +1.603.858.9328
Website: Jeremy J
Mailing address: 497 Hooksett Road #512
Manchester, NH  03104-2632
Residential address: Grafton, NH  03240

The sole reliable way to reach Jeremy is via email or first class mail. He does not check either of these daily, but will see your message eventually. To communicate with him securely over email, you can download his PGP key. Copies can also be found at the MIT and Ubuntu keyservers.

Be sure to spell the email address with the middle initial, as someone else owns Jeremy

His cell phone has little to no reception in Grafton and the surrounding towns, so it’s not a particularly useful way of contacting him. He does not check voice mail. He does not receive incoming voice calls. His cell phone is powered off when he is not using it to make outgoing calls himself. Text messaging works, albeit no faster than email. If he doesn’t have your number in his contact list, he will probably ignore it.

Jeremy is on neither Facebook nor any other social networks, except he does have a LinkedIn profile. For liberty activism projects, he is now on Signal.

His mailing address is in the box to the right. Send mail there if you want it to actually reach him. The postal service in Grafton can be described as unreliable at best. Half the mail never reaches the destination address, and that which does is often weeks late.

Jeremy currently splits his time between different places in Grafton and southern New Hampshire. If you’re looking to reach him in person… good luck with that. You may find him attending various liberty events around the state. If you show up at his residence and you’re from the government, come back with a warrant—or don’t come back at all.